Quickly, efficiently and safely

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30 years of experience and hundreds of pleased customers - this is what got us where we are now.

We organize transport, because it is our passion, and our clients are a driving force for us. It is for them we work at top speed and provide fully professional service every day.

The year 2016 was a breaking point for our company. It is the year we transformed in Dworczak Logistics Sp. z o.o. which allowed us to take quality of our service to even higher level.

We deal mostly with international transport. At the moment our fleet consists of seventy-two trucks and eighty-six MEGA type trailers. We also offer distribution and sales of fuel, where we use our own fuel tank.

We are a traditional company, however we keep expanding and improving every year.

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MEGA type trailers

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Quickly, efficiently and safely

The most important thing in our job is to be on time, while also maintaining maximum level of security. We offer transport all over Europe and guarantee the highest quality service.

Nothing is impossible for us and we can work even under high pressure. Quick response to our customer's needs is our bread and butter.

Transport and forwarding

Delivering fuel to companies, homesteads and even private individuals is not a problem for us.

We have a fuel tank at our disposal so that we can quickly get to our customer, no matter where he is. We are fully mobile!

Fuel sales

Our company has perfectly equipped workshop, where we can make comprehensive repairs of trucks and trailers. Engineers working in our service are experts in their matter, so that every problem is resolved in fully professional way.

Experience connected with up-to-date technology makes us able to provide repairing service of highest quality



Licence to carry out national road transport of items
Licence to carry out international road transport of items



Dworczak Logistics sp. z o. o.
ul. Szkolna 10, Nieslabin
63-100 Srem

Tel. 61 28 30 678
Fax. 61 28 34 374

Formerly: Transport i Spedycja Ryszard Dworczak

Transport and forwarding:

Robert Dworczak
Mob. 604 416 416

Maciej Ignaszewski
Mob. 789 407 130

Dariusz Greber
Mob. 500 109 561

Jedrzej Szymkowiak
Mob. 515 108 100


Tomasz Dworczak
Mob. 515 108 101

Fuel sales:

Przemyslaw Dworczak
Mob. 604 418 418


Monika Turajska

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